Moving Boxes: How To Pack Your Home Without Stress!

What often leads us to utter a cry of exasperation when the word move is spoken, is the apprehension of having to pack (practically) the whole house in moving boxes! You certainly know the importance and the effectiveness of a good packaging technique, if you also at the grocery store, make sure you do not put in your reusable bag the carton of milk over the eggs!

Here are a few tips, in preparation for your move, to make your boxes strategically, without stress.

Sort it out!

Set time goals to keep your things in the moving boxes, based on the number of rooms in your home. To save your energy, in view of your move, plan to do your storage over a period of several days.

For each room in your home, assess the items you will keep or reuse, and the items you will need to recycle or throw away. Dispose of the items you want to dispose of in an eco-responsible manner, in the appropriate recycling bins or by following the regulations of your municipality for this purpose. Sorting is really the most difficult part; the rest of the packaging of your goods is quite simple!

What to pack first?

Or rather what to pack last! In each of your rooms, there are (absolutely) essential elements which you will undoubtedly need in the days preceding your move. File them only on the day of the move or the day before.

Obviously, everything else, what you do not use on a daily basis, is what can be stored first in the moving boxes.

Pack your clothes quickly

Instead, opt for a few wardrobe boxes to store your fitted clothes, which will allow you to transport dresses, suit jackets and delicate clothes easily, without creasing them. You will be able to place these clothes directly in your new wardrobe in a very short time. This will save you time on ironing!

Maximize the space in your moving bins

Fill the larger bins with smaller or lighter items, and keep the smaller boxes for heavy items. The boxes will be more compact and easier to transport without breaking.

When removing the clothes from your wardrobe, fold the larger pieces inside the boxes, and roll the smaller or lighter ones to fill the empty spaces. Also, the majority of your kitchen tools fit together: pots, preserves, bowls and others. So nest these items to maximize your use of space.

The Box of the First Day

This unique box will save you from feeling overwhelmed by the stress of change. You are free to put in it the personal elements which you consider essential, and which will allow you a comfortable transition in your new home.

Place it, for example:

  • the comfortable clothes you will need for the first 2-3 days;
  • the essentials for staying clean (bath towel, toothbrush, soap, toothpaste, etc.);
  • chargers for your laptop, cell, tablet, etc.
  • small precious objects that you absolutely do not want to part with;
  • A first aid kit

Remember to take into consideration your daily routine or your obligations for the days following the move, and this will allow you to pack your first box accordingly.

5 Tips For Easy Moving

In this article, we are going to give you five tips to make a move, if you follow our advice the process will be easier and more comfortable. Don’t get overwhelmed, sit down, take a deep breath and take note!

1.-Get Rid Of Everything You Don’t Need : It is a good time to clean, get rid of everything unnecessary, what you no longer like or do not make you happy, we know that sometimes it hurts, but it is the best to start a movement on the right foot. Do you know the KonMari method? If you do not know it, we encourage you to do a little research, and it will make this process much easier. “Dare to live only with the essential, with the beautiful, with what really brings you happiness”,  is the main motto of his program and his lifestyle.

2.-Plan The Packaging : If you organize this step well, everything else will go smoothly. Start packing early, at least two weeks before moving. Remember the material you are going to need:

  • cardboard boxes of different sizes
  • bubble wrap
  • Scotch tape
  • stickers

Remember that there are more delicate items such as tableware or decorative objects that you will have to wrap with bubble wrap so that they do not suffer any damage. The adhesive labels are going to be great for you to organize when you have everything in your new house, so you can sort the boxes by room and avoid back pain.

3.-Ask For Help : Any help is always welcome and in one more move. Surely your friends or family will be happy to help you, and the more people help, the faster and easier the whole process will be. If you embark on this “adventure” by yourself, remember that it can become a perfect time to have a meeting of friends when everything is over and invite them to some canes !!

4.- Take A Vacation : When you consider making a move you have to be aware that the process takes time, especially if you work, it will be complicated, so we advise you to ask for a few days of vacation. In all labour agreements, you have one day to transfer your usual address, if you think you will need more time, do not hesitate to talk to your company, the sooner you finish the move, the sooner you can start enjoying your new home!

5.- Hire A Good Moving Company : Not being the last point is the least important; on the contrary, hiring the right movers that offer you a fast and quality service will save you a lot of time and money. Although you take care of the transfer of certain personal belongings, do not forget that there are certain furniture and appliances of considerable size and weight, the best, leave it in the hands of professionals, its main advantages are the following

  • You will have personalized insurance that will take care of any accident that may happen
  • It has the necessary tools to assemble and disassemble the furniture
  • Permission management
  • Cleaning service (optional)